When someone else is talking, don’t jump to the conclusion in your head before they can spit the words out.

If you’re starting a law firm, I hope you can take my hard-learned lessons and get on a fast track to leadership. You’ll have a lot more to learn, but these tips should move you in the right direction.

When I decided to embark on my career as a lawyer, I had many ambitions. I wanted to fight for justice and become a voice for people who aren’t being heard. Leadership wasn’t on my mind at all. But I quickly realized that I had some important lessons to learn.

I’m happy to be able to share all the things being a lawyer has taught me about leadership:

1. Leaders Inspire Change

Being a lawyer requires some degree of natural curiosity. I’ve always known this, but what I didn’t know was that curiosity is often a precursor to leadership.

Let me explain.

You’ve probably already heard the old cliché that knowledge is power. Well, that’s probably become such a commonly used phrase because it’s true.

When you are confident in your knowledge, it’s easy to lead in any situation. And when you ask the right questions, you’ll be naturally drawn to the areas that are begging for the kind of leadership you can deliver.


2. People Are Your Biggest Asset

When you run a law firm, it can be easy to get caught up in things like facts, theory, and data. And while those things are definitely important, nothing is more important than people.

Along with you, your clients and staff are the driving forces behind your law firm. As soon as you forget this, your career will begin to falter. But the good news is that you can quickly get back on track by putting people first again.


3. Leadership Doesn’t Exist Without Self-Care

This was a hard lesson learned, and I hope you can learn from my mistakes. So many lawyers get stuck in a cycle of burning the midnight oil and forget to take care of themselves.

But you can’t be a good leader when you’re not taking care of yourself. It’s akin to the old advice of putting your oxygen mask on first. You won’t be much help to anyone else if you can’t sustain yourself.

Robert Hamparyan is one of California’s most accomplished personal injury lawyers. After receiving his undergraduate degree, Robert attended the Western State University School of Law where he received his Juris Doctor Degree. Hamparyan Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego, APC was founded so that Robert could bring more of his skill and knowledge to personal injury victims in all types of cases.